Cocktail Pitcher Ideas

You may need a new cocktail pitcher idea for your holiday event?Here we introduce to you some idea or design we have done for client from summertime to fall or winter,you can find them at nightbar or on the christmas time or is best pitcher for vodka,

Create Your Own Drink Pitcher

if you want to produce a cocktail jug in the shape of the attached drawing. we are glad to help with,if it need to be dishwasher proof and food safe.
We will have final designs and a hand sample (prototype) sent to you . Once we get your a hand sample, final costings will be calculated in 2 days,
then start tooling immediately. eg:If you ship on 13th/14th November, problely we get it on 19th(17th and 18th are weekend.)
then you get final costings on 21th and start tooling on 22th.

Plastic Cocktail Jugs Project Planning:

  • Item: Fish Bowl style Cocktail Bowl
  • 2012-10-26: Project Staring
  • 2012-11-20: Spec Mold Created
  • 2012-11-21: Spec Sample Produced
  • 2012-11-21: Spec Sample photo Approved
  • 2012-12-11: Products Finished
  • 2012-10-26: Project Staring
  • 2012-11-20: Spec Mold Created
  • 2012-11-21: Spec Sample Produced
  • 2012-11-26: Spec Sample Delivered and Approved
  • 2012-12-17: Products Finished

Digital Proof Of Cocktail Cone

Digital Proof Of Cocktail Pitcher

Virtual Proof Of Plastic Cocktail Jugs

virtual proof of plastic cocktail jugs

Virtual Sample Of Custom Cocktail Pitcher

Virtual Sample Of Custom Cocktail Pitcher

Personalised Cone Cocktail Jug

  • Cone Cocktail Jug Size : 21.6 * 21.6 * 30cm
  • Each item in a bubble bag, then in a box individually.
  • Caton Size : 67 x 47 x 59.5 cm, 12pcs/carton, G.W/8KG
  • Setup Charge : $200/Design
  • Setup Description : Full color Transprint
  • Current pricing what I quoted weights 350 gram/pc. It is much heavier than the previous estimation at the very beginning.


It is Cocktail Jug with "WKD COCKTAIL CONE" printing.We will keep it and do NOT charge more for ONE additional small bar name logo, if its size is within 1'' x 1''.
THIS STATEMENT SHOULD BE SIGNED AND DATED BY THE SHIPPER STATING THEIR JOB TITLE.we manufacture the jug with Eco-friendly food-grade PP(Polypropylene).

CBM of Plastic Cocktail Jug

  • 20,000 pc: total: 291 Cubic Meter
  • 30,000 pc: total: 435 Cubic Meter
  • 40,000 pc:total: 581 Cubic Meter
  • 50,000 pc total: 726 Cubic Meter
Virtual Proof Of Cocktail Pitcher

Plastics Goods Test Certificate

we are sure you are aware but if these goods will be made of plastic exporting from China and classed as “jugs” and therefore tableware,
they will need to have a “Plastics Goods Test Certificate” issued by an official body such as Bureau Veritas.
This is something that the UK Port Authority is very keen on checking especially plastics made of MELAMINE or POLYAMIDE

Digital Sample Of Cocktail Pitcher

Digital Sample Of Cocktail Pitcher

Digital Sample Of Cocktail Pitcher

Custom Cocktail Jug

Custom Cocktail Jug
Custom Cocktail Jug Smaller Version
Custom Cocktail Jug

Custom Cocktail Jug Mould Or Tooling

Custom Cocktail Jug Mould

Custom Cocktail Jug Mould

custom cocktail jug mould
custom cocktail jug mould

Custom Cocktail Jug Mould

Custom Cocktail Jug Tooling

Cocktail Pitcher Logo

Cocktail Pitcher Logo
Cocktail Pitcher Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Could your mind to provide PMS#, or make as color of the prototype?
    Glossy finish
  • How the logo and copy will be applied
  • Lid fits snug and does not rattle or fall off when pouring
  • Confirm material and grade being used
    Eco-friendly food-grade PP(Polypropylene).
  • Ensuring no materials used will warp or come off in heat
    Won't warp or come off in heat less than 110 degrees Celsius.
  • When you will need artwork from me and does it need to be in pantones as opposed to CMYK?
    Need art(AI files) when we begin to make mold, because we will make print mold at the same time. Pantones is good.
  • We might not know the final qty before we start tooling, what is the latest we can confirm the qty to you?
    15,000 is the mimimum Qty you have to order.You have to confirm the final Qty when tooling is ready. And the setup charge has to be paid before tooling.
  • How long does it take you to order the materials?
    5 days for the materils. The material is PP, which is our ordinary material also used on other products.
  • We will need the final qty to ship before Chinese New Year, what is the last shipping day before Chinese new year?
    Last shipping day before Chinese new year is Jan.31, 2013. Before it, 30,000 could be shipped out.
  • How will you achieve the Orange and the White of the product?
    They are the color of material itself, NOT painting.

Gerenal Plastic (EU) Regulation

if you want tocheck with our forwarder following test items..Which ones are compulsive, which ones are optional. We will test those neccessary ones. Here is cost for your reference.

  • 10/2011 Overall migration in distilled water $100 Recommended
  • Overall migration in 3 % acetic acid $100 Recommended
  • Overall migration in 50% ethanol $100 Recommended
  • Overall migration in rectified olive oil or substitute of rectified olive oil $150 Optional
  • Soluble heavy metal (Ba, Co, Cu, Fe, Li, Mn, Zn) $200 Optional